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St Pius X Catholic Primary School


St Pius X Catholic Primary School

St Pius X Catholic Primary School Curriculum Intent


At St Pius X Catholic Primary school, we believe in providing the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into account the needs of all children underpinned by our Catholic values.


Our curriculum intent is underpinned by the setting of high expectations for academic success. We want children to be literate, numerate and to feel safe, happy and valued. We intend for all groups of children to be successful learners, ready for their next stage in education and beyond.


We promote excellence and self-belief and encourage children to aim high to fulfil their individual potential – academically, emotionally and physically. We want all of our children to lead successful lives and to be ambitious.


We intend for our children to be resilient and to have the emotional capacity to deal with the complex situations many of our pupils are faced with. We want all of our children to understand how they can contribute positively to their community, to be advocates for their beliefs and tolerant of the beliefs of others.

We actively encourage children to explore both their own culture including the values of Britain and cultures from around the world. We want children to not only see the differences of other cultures but also the similarities as they take their place in an increasingly global community.


We want our children to have experience of the wider world both through experiences in school but also through visits and visitors to allow children to see all that our world has to offer.


Our curriculum is based upon termly ‘Topics’ for each year group. These include planned off-site and school based enrichment events linked to each topic make the curriculum come ‘alive’ which give pupils the opportunity to be immersed in curiosity and wonder. These high quality and immersive experiences inspire and enrich learning, thus developing a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

In all areas of the curriculum there is a focus on the development of communication and language skills, reading and writing. English is embedded across the curriculum enabling children to practice and apply skills in meaningful context, enabling a deeper level of knowledge and understanding. Our topic based learning allows connections to be made across the curriculum and provides a basis for the application of skills and contexts for speaking, reading and writing.

We work as a whole school team to develop our children’s confidence, resilience and emotional well-being. To facilitate this, PSHE is taught weekly and discretely in all classes as well as an approach to develop our children’s social and emotional well-being throughout the school day. Understanding the emotional development and needs of our children drives our attitudes to promoting positive behaviours and encourages empathy and kindness across the school.








Please see our year group curriculum maps for details of termly teaching and learning on our website.


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