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St Pius X Catholic Primary School


St Pius X Catholic Primary School



All of our children learn phonics through a tried and tested programme.  The programme we use is Letters and Sounds.

In Reception the children learn the 44 main sounds heard in the English language as well as learning tricky words.  They use these sounds to read and write simple words and sentences.

In Year 1 the children revisit the 44 main sounds and learn different ways to spell these.  The children also continue to learn many more tricky words and develop a more adventurous vocabulary.  At the end of     Year 1 all children are screened using the national phonics screening check.

Year 2 consists mainly of learning to spell and read more complex words and write extended sentences.

In KS2 children continue to develop their understanding of the relationship between sounds and letters. Children are taught root words to help them to spell longer words adding prefixes and suffixes.                     In addition, children are taught the history of words and the relationships between them to help with their spelling.  We also use the Year Group Spelling Lists provided in the New National Curriculum.