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St Pius X Catholic Primary School


St Pius X Catholic Primary School


The aim of Maths at St Pius.

  • To help children understand the importance of maths beyond the classroom.
  • To enjoy their experience of maths and develop a positive attitude towards it.
  • Build confidence and accuracy with number, number systems and calculation.
  • To develop the ability to think logically, reason, identify relationships and solve problems.
  • Explore maths through independent thinking, collaborative working, discussion and the use of practical equipment to help children visualise and understand mathematical concepts.


Some changes that may be different from when you were at school.

  •  When multiplying by 10 you do not just 'add zero'- you move the digits to the left and put a zero as a place holder.
  • The decimal point cannot move - You can only move the digits to the left or to the right.
  • When solving Column  Methods for Addition and Subtraction or Short Methods for Multiplication and Division, we no longer use the words 'carrying' and 'borrowing' we use 'regrouping'.
  • Whether you are carrying or borrowing, mathematically you are regrouping your units, tens, hundreds etc...... to another column on the place value chart.

We do not do 'sums' - 'sum' is a mathematical word that means 'addition', everything else is a 'calculation'.