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St Pius X Catholic Primary School


St Pius X Catholic Primary School

Maths Curriculum Intent


Mathematics is an important element of everyday life. At St Pius X, we aim to give all children positive experiences that will enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject. We place a strong emphasis on the four operations of number as well as other core skills such as shape, space and measure, algebra and statistics.


In maths lessons, children are provided with problem solving and reasoning activities, relating to real life situations that give opportunities to use and apply their skills and knowledge. Children maintain their mathematical fluency by recapping key skills daily. Alongside explicit maths lessons, where they learn both written and mental methods, we aim to include mathematics in our cross curricular activities, using practical, hands-on experiences wherever possible. Wherever possible the teaching of maths is related to its use in daily life so children can understand how their learning will help them in later life.


There is a strong focus on developing maths vocabulary to give children the skills and knowledge to enable them to express their mathematical thinking at a high level. Vocabulary is taught explicitly and regularly, children are praised for correct use of vocabulary to give them the aspiration to use it wherever possible.


As part of our children’s emotional development children are encouraged to see challenges and mistakes as a positive part of learning, teachers model resilience and positivity so children can deal with difficulties in a positive way.