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St Pius X Catholic Primary School


St Pius X Catholic Primary School

Our Mission Statement


Success with Faith




St Pius X Catholic Primary is committed to working together as a loving Christian community that is centred on the Gospel teachings of Christ.

We will develop the children's sense of awe and wonder throughout the curriculum.


We will support everyone on their journey towards fulfilling their potential.  This journey will inspire and challenge our pupils, to ensure  that they are prepared for the future and become witnesses to moral and spiritual values in the wider world.




Underpinning all aspects  of our policies and practices in school are the values we uphold and the way in which the whole school and community interacts with each other:



We believe that everyone in our school community has to show respect to one another and our environment.

We believe that everyone takes responsibility for their own actions.  Everyone should have due regard for others' feelings, abilities, belongings and especially the right to learn.



We believe that everyone is different but should be treated equally regardless.  Everyone should be encouraged to join in all activities and activities should be made accessible.



We believe that everyone can be successful and achieve, but this requires positive effort by all concerned.  Everyone will be encouraged to do their best and to take pride in all aspects of our school.  Adults will be expected to be positive role models and children will be encouraged to experience all that school and learning has to offer.